Become a blixel Creator and earn on
the world’s first platform for socially
diverse stock media.

The blixel Creators Community

A marketplace where creators get the right recognition

Join a community of creators dedicated to paving a path for diversity + representation in media– one pixel, video and illustration at a time.

blixel Creators is a community of progressive photographers, videographers, artists + creatives from around the world. Their desire to reflect the world around them- in all its beauty, richness and diversity is what drives them. 

When you join the blixel Creators Community, we connect you with like-minded creators from around the world- promoting your work to our global network and providing a platform to connect + collaborate with other creators.

What can you Sell?

blixel Videos

amazing video footage of ethnically diverse and underrepresented people around the world

blixel Images

high-quality images that highlight diverse & underrepresented groups in normal + unique situations

blixel Illustrations

creative illustrations and art featuring the rich diversity of people everywhere

blixel Back in Time

historical images + footage of ethnically diverse people- from celebs to everyday people

How do you earn?

Despite the vastness of the Internet, trying to find socially diverse media often turns into hours (sometimes days) of frantic Googling. Representation in media remains a huge issue, and blixel addresses this problem head on.

Our customers come to blixel to find diverse stock media. Once they find the media they want, they purchase a license and download your file for personal or commercial use. Customers use your stock media in ads, marketing, films, TV, websites, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

As a blixel Creator, you receive a commission for your work based on the number of downloads and the type of media you upload. blixel celebrates its creators by highlighting exceptional content and creators through our social media channels, ad + public relations campaigns, and partner companies and institutions.

Your Voice. Your Marketplace.

As a blixel Creator, you have a unique opportunity to make your mark and push forward diversity in media.

You have your own personalized and branded store- powered by the blixel Marketplace. With blixel Marketplace, you create your store’s identity and brand, customize your url, and promote your work – all without the hassle of knowing how to code or dealing with hosting costs.

You leverage the power of the blixel Marketplace and Creators Community to earn by doing what you love and changing the world- one pixel, illustration, and video at a time.

What are we looking for? We want media that is representative, powerful, funny, and enlightening; media that features diverse people in diverse contexts – from the ordinary to the extraordinary and everything in between.

Personalized +
Branded Store

Leverage the Power of
the blixel Marketplace

Earn a Commission
on Your Work

Protect your Copyright

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Frequently Asked Question

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