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blixel is the world’s first socially diverse stock media platform.
Powered by a global community of creators. 

blixel is reimagining the way stock media is consumed and distributed. Through our online marketplace, we facilitate the sales of socially diverse, people-centric stock media- images, videos, and illustrations.

Our stock media features diverse people in rarely seen and unusual roles- from a video of a Black woman riding a horse, an image of a child playing basketball in his wheelchair, to an illustration of a young man selling cellphones on the streets of São Paulo.

At our core, we believe that representation matters, and it defines everything we do. Powered by a global community of creators, we are using media, technology, and innovative ideas to make the unseen, seen – and shaping a more diverse, tolerant, and progressive society.

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blixel Creators

You belong here- with a global community of underrepresented + diverse creators

blixel is a community of photographers, videographers, artists + creatives from around the world. 

blixel Creators are dedicated to capturing stock media that represents the beauty + richness of their diverse communities- from an image of a Black elderly woman drinking lemonade, and a video clip of an Asian woman pushing her daughter on a swing, to an illustration of gay couple kissing in a park. 

blixel Creators are driven by their desire to reflect the world around them- in all its beauty, richness and diversity. Together, we can change the world through diversity and representation in media- one pixel, illustration, and video at a time.  

blixel Videos

amazing video footage of ethnically diverse and underrepresented people around the world

blixel Images

high-quality images that highlight diverse & underrepresented groups in normal + unique situations

blixel Illustrations

creative illustrations and art featuring the rich diversity of people everywhere

blixel Back in Time

historical images + footage of ethnically diverse people- from celebs to everyday people

Our Team

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Nayyir Shareef

Chief Executive Officer

"Representation in media informs
reality's future. It's what takes us from potential to possible."

Cleopatra Wise
Chief Operations Officer

"As a Black American Muslim, I seldom see myself reflected in mainstream media- let alone in a positive and empowered way. I joined blixel so all young people will see themselves reflected in media."

Adedayo Alao

Chief Technology Officer

"I joined blixel so the world would
have more color."

Lena Coleman

Chief Administration Officer

"My family consists of people from different nationalities. I take pride in knowing that the company I'm a part of will show my nieces and nephews that there are other people like them, and people that are different from them, but equally as important. Our country, our world needs this."

Yasmin Dangor

Community Lead

As a content creator of colour, I advocate for representation in media. Socially Diverse, inclusive creative content is a catalyst for the breakdown of stereotypes, stigmas, and cultural barriers limiting our society. Representation transforms the negative into positive.

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